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Almost everybody has said or shown through their actions that they are not where they want to be in life, and that they need some direction. People are hurting, and they are looking for answers. Instead of living empowered lives, most of us live in some form of defeat, at least in one area of our life. That has got to change!

99% of the answers to the questions that you have about life may be attained through your understanding and application of the information contained within this book. Increasing one’s income, improving relationships, and creating a better life are certainly included as a part of the content.

This book was written in such a way that virtually anyone could accomplish this task, with no capital investment to start with, nor personal funds added later. Everything that was required for the writing and the publishing of this book was received though the ‘law of attraction’, also known as 'The Secret', and nothing was asked of anyone during the process.

The message of the book is intended to create balance, and to help to bring increase in every area of the reader’s life. Everyone will greatly benefit from 'The Secret' when correctly applied to their lives.

We have abilities and resources available to us that we are not even aware of, and this book explains how we can tap into them.

Life is supposed to be enjoyable, and, if it’s not, we’re doing something wrong.

Let's begin setting the ground work to break the cycles of defeat and create a life of empowerment, fulfillment, and enjoyment. You, and those around you, deserve that!

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About the Author

Michael John Brown, PE, was born and raised in the Rochester, Minnesota, area. After graduation from high school he moved to Arkansas where he managed a Lawn and Garden Equipment repair facility. After working in that industry for over 11 years, he attended the University of Arkansas where he received a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and has worked as a Product Design Engineer and Reliability Engineer, providing engineering support for two Fortune 500 Companies.

Now he works in the private sector and has applied the principles of 'The Secret' that he utilized in his engineering and product design work to the writing of this book.

Michael is the proud father of a daughter and son, Elena and Javan, and they are becoming accomplished in their own right.

He currently lives in the Midwest, where he and his children continue to reside most of the time.