Let’s Get Started

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Focus of the website

We will explain more about various facets of what many individuals around the world refer to as ‘The Secret’, and we will also discuss some of the challenges that a lot of people face from day to day. Even those who are highly successful.

‘The Secret’ is not just about getting lots of stuff. It is more about creating balance and bringing completeness to everyone’s lives.

Goals for the website

We wanted to have a place where we could continue to provide information and encouragement to those who need it most. Almost everyone I have met has areas of their lives that are still lacking, at least in part.

This website is also another means of closing the distance between the author and the reader.

Opportunities to help, though the website

As time moves forward, we will provide opportunities for people that want to help us to place these materials in the hands of those that need it most, and are not financially able to buy it for themselves (i.e. people in third world countries, prisons, rescue shelters, etc.). It will be rewarding for the sponsor, and for those that receive the help. Life transforming for both, if you will, especially those who receive ‘a hope and a future’ through that gift.

This life is all about people!

What the website is not

This is not a professional counselling website. There are professional health, financial, mental, etc. services for those sorts of things. This is only a place to share constructive comments and to provide encouragement to others.

Thank you for joining with us on this venture.

Have a great day!